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If we search all over Bengal, we may find a person who does not know the name of “Bhojohori Manna” / “ভজহরি মান্না”. There is even a very popular song about him “আমি শ্রী শ্রী ভজহরি মান্না”, which has become an evergreen in the heart of every Bengali like us.
I myself am a resident of Kolkata and this “Bhojahori Manna” has multiple restaurants (dining) all over Kolkata so I gave a review of one of them in my own view.

Bhojohori Manna, Diamond Plaza Mall

If you are an authentic foodie and are looking for a place for a complete Bengali Lunch with your family or loved ones, I would recommend you to visit this Bhojohori Manna.

Address: Diamond Plaza, 5th Floor 1/72/A Jessore Road, Kolkata – 700055 [Diamond Plaza Shopping Mall is located near Nagerbazar in the Dumdum area of East Kolkata. On the very top floor of that shopping mall, next to the PVR cinema, there is an outlet of this famous Bhojohori Manna.]
All over India, you can get these Bhojohori Manna outlets in KOLKATA, SILIGURI, PURI, & BENGALURU.

Ambience: Once inside the restaurant, you will feel the serene atmosphere and the craftsmanship on the walls of the restaurant will remind you of old Kolkata. In some places, brick wall stickers have pictures of closed windows, You can feel a totally different environment from outside.

They have a nice place to sit and eat (dine-in) with everyone in the family, just like you can take food parcels from them if you want. You can also order meals online from here if you want. For one thing, I can assure you that they will carefully prepare all the food parcels you order and do their best to deliver them to your doorstep.

If you want to get food online, you can use the following handle.

+91 90739 14332
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Menue: When you look at their menu, you get a little confused because you can’t decide which one to leave and which one to eat. You’ll find both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food here, but not all of the foods on their menu are cooked every day, so you’ll need to go there and find out.

Menu link –

But there is an interesting thing about their menu that I have not seen in any other restaurant, the beginning and the end of the menu are arranged with a beautiful Bengali caption.
The food that is served when we start eating is Starters, a great name given by Captain “তোমার হল শুরু“. Like the last page of the Sweet, which we call Dessert, it also has a beautiful caption, “এবার হল সারা।

My review: My friend and I ordered some of my favorite foods that day: Fish Fry, Rice, Macher Mathe Die Dal, Potato Chips, Chicken Kosha, Mutton Kosha, Luchi, Cholar Dal, Rajbhog, and Mishti Doi (ফিশ ফ্রাই, ভাত, মাছের মাথা দিয়ে ডাল, আলুর ঝুড়ি করা চিপস, চিকেন কষা, মাটন কষা, লুচি, ছোলার ডাল, রাজভোগ এবং মিষ্টি দই।). Honestly, the taste of all these foods really fascinated me. Especially the mutton curry which I have probably never eaten so delicious before. However, in my opinion, the price of luchi is a bit higher, but with the taste of the rest of the food, it goes away.

I have written all the above statements from my own and completely my own point of view. If I hurt anyone in any way through the above statement, it is completely unintentional.

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