How to Fill a Lunchbox

If you carry your lunches and snacks to work in jars, eventually it all gets boring. You want new and fresh ideas! That’s where lunchboxes come in! The idea of inventing lunch boxes belongs to the Japanese. It was they who started carrying breakfasts to work in lunchboxes with several sections, where they put all sorts of products. The dishes and products for the lunch box are taken in different colors and textures in order to satiate not only the taste buds but also the eyesight. Such food containers are very popular in China, Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan, and other Asian countries. They are called lunch boxes in the English manner, as the word “lunch” means second breakfast and “box” means box. Sometimes when you study in school or college you don`t have enough time to make lunches because of writing a professional essay, research paper, dissertation, projects, and other study responsibilities, but you always have to know how taking food is important and never forget to prepare lunchbox for yourself.

Traditionally, lunch boxes are formed as follows. They should contain 4 parts main course, 3 parts side dishes, 2 parts vegetables and 1 part sweet. Mostly fruit and healthy, desserts are used as sweets. In general, the whole idea of a lunchbox is a beautifully designed healthy meal. You can bring rice, meat, fish, eggs, pasta, salads, pickled and fresh vegetables, fruit and baked goods.

Lunch box for children at school If you are putting together a lunch box for your child, it is enough to have just two compartments. One compartment contains the main dish and the other compartment contains the side dish. You can see 50 ideas for filling lunch boxes for children at school. Place cooked rice at the bottom of one compartment. Salt it lightly on top if it is cooked without salt. Put 2-3 pieces of boneless fried fish – e.g. potassium – on top. Around the edges, add thin, peeled cucumber slices in the shape of sticks. Sprinkle toasted sesame seeds on top. Place additional foods in the second compartment: boiled egg, carrot, and cucumber slices. You can put recognizable characters, animals, or flowers from the food you put in the lunchbox for schoolchildren. For example, the same egg can be presented in the form of a rooster’s head, and from carrots you can cut out and attach a scallop and beard. However, if you are not very imaginative, you can put all the extra ingredients just for fun. As they are all very colorful, your child will still eat them with great pleasure.


An adult lunchbox at work An adult lunchbox differs from a children’s lunchbox in that it can have three or more compartments. For example, the first compartment can be filled with lettuce on the bottom and topped with quick-fry pasta and meat. In the second compartment, put vegetable salad dressed with vegetable oil. To add color on top of the salad, place a few circles of cherry tomatoes. If there are other compartments left over, one can be filled with fruit: strawberries, cherries, or banana slices. Put slices of bread, crackers, or nuts in the remaining compartments.

What’s good about lunchboxes? 

  • Lunch boxes are easy to fill. Most of the ingredients can easily be bought at your local shop or market. 
  • The lunchboxes themselves are made from environmentally friendly, lightweight, and durable materials. Even if you drop them, they will not break, which is not the case with glass jars. 
  • The compartments of a lunchbox hold food that is smaller than the average European serving size. The less food you eat at a time, the better your chances of losing weight.
  • Food that looks nice seems more filling.

Over time, you will learn to decorate beautifully not only the food you take to work but also the everyday food you cook and eat at home. In Asia, they know that healthy food should please the eye, and fill the nostrils with aroma and the tongue with flavor. But most importantly, the food must be prepared with love. When making a lunchbox for yourself at work or for your child at school, you should not be in a hurry. You have to do everything slowly and with pleasure, then it will be a pleasure to eat it all afterward.

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