7 of the Best-Reviewed Non-Dairy Milks on Amazon


7 of the Best-Reviewed Non-Dairy Milks on Amazon

best non-dairy milk options

Milk is a very good food for our health. Many people don’t use dairy milk or don’t like dairy milk, for that reason if you wanted an alternative to dairy milk, you had to go to the health food store. Most supermarkets have a pretty decent selection to choose from, particularly if you’re looking for almond, rice, or soy. But no one can beat the mind-boggling selection on Amazon, where you can usually get great deals when you buy in bulk. Here is a place where you can buy anything not only non dairy milk. You can get low price than shop or market price. And once you buy then you don’t use or don’t like that product you can replace this.

Here are the best shelf-stable, non-dairy milks with the highest scores and most glowing reviews from fellow Amazon shoppers. And many and varieties type of non dairy milk product you can get in Amazon.

Silk Soymilk Unsweetened Plain

Silk Soymilk Unsweetened Plain

, $17 for six, 32-ounce cartons: Try Silk Organic Soymilk anywhere you enjoy your dairy milk: over your cereal, in your coffee or simply by itself. Even better, where dairy milk is a good source for milk protein, Besidesthis Silk soymilk is a good source of soy protein. So you can use or drink silk soymilk anytime or anywhere and It is good for your health. It’s delicious in smoothies, baking recipes, cereals, tea, coffee or straight up in a glass. With more than a thousand reviews, most of which are 5 stars, Silk seems to own the soy milk category.

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla

blue diamond almond breeze

, $24 for 12, 32-ounce cartons: Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla is a lactose free and soy free milk substitute that contains just 30 calories per cup. It’s also low on the glycemic index, making it an ideal choice for people who want to avoid sugar. Blue Diamond is a co-op of California nut growers that specializes in almonds. So who better to get your almond milk from? It’s almost always ranked at the top of review lists.

Milkadamia Macadamia Nut Milk

milkadamia macadamia nut milk

, $23 for six, 32-ounce cartons: Made from raw, not roasted macadamias for a subtle taste , milky taste or milky texture and it is completely sugar free! It Just 50 calories per serving and 50% more calcium than dairy milk. And Deliciously free of dairy, soy, GMOs, & gluten, Vegan and lovely aroma with a hint of vanilla. When Los Angeles café Go Get ‘Em Tiger (and its sister outpost, G&B’s), started offering macadamia nut milk in its coffee, it sparked a national buzz that even the New York Times couldn’t ignore. Milkadamialets you recreate it on your home turf. Amazon customers love it, and Food & Wine says it’s “pleasantly thick and smooth” and that you’ll “you’ll want to try breaking it out every day.”

So Delicious Coconut Milk Unsweetened Vanilla

So delicious coconut milk

, $2 for a 32-ounce container: This delicious beverage goes great over cereal, in coffee, mixed into recipes and poured into a tall glass. Available in shelf-stable quarts & refrigerated half gallons. It’s definitely not as overtly coconut-y as those cans of coconut milk we use in cooking, and even less coconut-y than some other brands of “non-dairy coconut beverage.” This is a good thing, because it means it’s more versatile.

Rice Dream Organic Original Enriched

rice dream organic original enriched

, $3.50 for a 64-ounce container: Rice milk is one of the easiest non-dairy milks to digest, and itsextremely neutral flavor makes it compatible with just about anything. Keep in mind it’s not as thick as some alternative milks, like soy. Rice Dream Enriched Original Organic Rice Drink has a deliciously light and refreshing flavor with a hint of sweetness from brown rice. It’s easy to digest and 99% fat free with no cholesterol, and it’s enriched with calcium & vitamin D. So feel free to pour it on – on cereal or fruit, in your favorite smoothie, or just have a cold and satisfying glass.

Nutpods Creamer Original

nutpods creamer original

, $14 for four, 11.2-ounce cartons: We weren’t evaluating coffee creamers, but we couldn’t help noticing the cult-like popularity of this brand. It’s received nearly 5,000 reviews and almost all are 5 stars. Nutpods is made with coconut cream and almonds, along with water and thickeners like acacia gum, sunflower lecithin, and gellan gum. Because it’s shelf-stable until opening, it’s easy to keep this on hand, so you’re never caught without creamer for your coffee.

Veggemo Plant Protein Milk

veggemo plant protien milk

, $18 for three, 32-ounce cartons: Plant-protein milks made from peas are gaining a strong foothold among non-dairy milks, especially for those who have to avoid nuts and soy. It doesn’t taste or look like vegetables. In fact, Veggemotastes uniquely and spectacularly like Veggemo! With the smoothness and creaminess of 2% dairy milk, Veggemois rich in calcium and Vitamin D, provides 6 grams of protein per serving, and is an excellent source of B12. Ripple brand seems to be the one most frequently found in stores, but so far Amazon customers seem to prefer Veggemo.

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