Navratan Pulao Recipe | High Protein Vegetable Rice Recipe

Navratan Pulao Recipe | Vegetable Rice

This Navaratna Pulao or Navratan Pulav is one of the famous and ancient Indian recipes. It is made in different ways and materials in different places all over India. But all kinds of pulao are very tasty. It is actually a type of rice recipe that contains a variety of vegetables and dry fruits. That … Read more

Vegan Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili Recipe

All foods contain more or less vitamins and the role of these vitamins in our health is immense. But foods with extra vitamins contain more fat which causes us to raise our cholesterol level and increase our weight. So today I came up with a recipe that has enough vitamins but very little fat. This … Read more

Slow Cooker Easy Vegetable Bean Soup Recipe | Healthy Soup

Slow Cooker Vegetable Bean Soup | 200 calories meal

Everyone wants a healthy recipe, but also worried enough about gaining weight. That’s why today I came up with a recipe that is not only nutritious but also takes care of your weight gain. This slow cooker vegetable and bean soup is almost the favorite of every person whos are on their weight watchers journey. … Read more

Benfish – A Pocket-Friendly Chinese Restaurant at East Kolkata

Benfish Restaurant Review by Crispyfoodidea

Find a good and pocket-friendly restaurant in East Kolkata? Your journey might end here. There is a restaurant named “Benfish” situated in Lake Town with a nice and friendly atmosphere. The overall ambiance, food quality, price, and the staff’s behavior will make you satisfied. The dining area is under an open sky that attracts me … Read more

Healthy Low Carb Mediterranean Tuna Salad Recipe | Easy No-mayo Salad

Mediterranean Tuna Salad

This Mediterranean tuna salad is healthy, delicious, and easy to make with few simple ingredients. This salad is perfect for meal prep at lunch or dinner. You can make this salad with mayo or without mayo and it is great for weight loss too so that you can list it on your weight watchers. Also, … Read more

21 Easy Keto Appetizers For Parties Or Occasions!

Keto Appetizers

In this season holidays and parties or occasions all around here. Celebrating these holidays or party foods are the best way to make a crowd or get together. Here I share some delicious easy low carb keto appetizers to cheer up these days with your friends or families. These appetizers are low carb and keto … Read more

Traditional Lauki Ka Kofta Curry Recipe | Bottle Gourd Dumplings Curry

Lauki ka kofta | Bottle Gourd Kofta Curry

Today I made a recipe that is very famous all over India. It’s named “Lauki ka Kofta” or “लौकी का कोफ्ता”. Actually, it’s a bottle gourd dumpling recipe that is dipped into a delicious Indian curry. You may have heard of many types of kofta like Malai kofta, veg kofta, aloo kofta, etc but today’s … Read more

21 Healthy Back To School Breakfasts For Kids | Easy Breakfast Ideas


Need some healthy and easy recipes for your kids after school? Here I share some delicious back to school breakfasts that are easy to make with a few simple ingredients and kids will love to eat coming back from school.  21. Ham And Egg Cups These ham and egg cups are a quick and easy … Read more

Chilli Soya | Restaurant Style Soyabean Chilli Recipe | Soya Chunks Manchurian

Chilli Soyabean

This is one of my favourite Indo-Chinese recipes. This chilli soyabean has also two variants. But the dry variant is more famous than the gravy version of soya chilli. Making the procedure is also more simple than other Indo-Chinese dishes. Today I make the Chilli Soya Gravy. If you go through this recipe carefully, you … Read more

Barbeque Nation – Restaurant Review | Heartbeat of Every Barbeque Lovers

Barbeque Nation Banner

Barbequeeeeeeeee……………………………….. Yes, you are thinking right. This is the place where you can get unlimited barbeque. It’s the heartbeat of every barbeque lover, and the name of this place is Barbeque Nation. Have you ever felt like you went to a restaurant to eat but you were not satisfied with the price of everything and … Read more