YouTube Channels With Delicious Daily Recipes

Cooking skills are essential for living. If you can follow quick and simple recipes you can save much time on making food at home. Besides, you’ll save a lot of money on ordering food delivery. So choose a recipe and cook for fun!

How to Find a Good Recipe 

We used to seek recipes in culinary books and personal notes. It was a tough job without alternatives. Thanks to the Internet, we are able to google and find any recipe. 
Although printed recipes are good, the video recipes are much better. You can watch it extremely fast and notice useful tips to cook the dish like a pro.

But sometimes it happens that you can’t watch YouTube cooking videos recipes because of the message “This video isn’t available in your country”. It means exactly what you were told: because of your current location you can’t access the content. Usually, it happens because YouTube blocks some regions for specific reasons and a local customer is powerless against the platform’s rules.

It’s a pity but… This issue is quite easy to solve. You only need to install a VPN addon to your browser. For instance, users usually need to get a good VPN for Mozilla and forget about blocked videos on YouTube. A high-quality Virtual Private Network is a powerful tool that is invisible to a user. You only need to select a top-rated and multifunctional Mozilla VPN. Experts recommend using VeePN because of many reasons. The greatest thing is its compatibility with any device. Besides Mozilla, you can use it for Chrome and other software. Even old versions of Opera are supported too. 

So thanks to such a useful and powerful VPN you can continue watching your favorite food channels. No matter your local restrictions, you will access all videos on YouTube.

What is the Best Food Channel on YouTube?

If you want to enjoy every recipe you try then you need to subscribe to the greatest food YouTubers only. In the following compilation, we’ll share with you the best channels with easy, tasty, and delicious recipes. You can find their daily recipes, holiday meals, ideas for vegans, tips for quick dishes, etc. 

1. Sam the Cooking Guy

Sam the Cooking Guy

If you are looking for healthy recipes then don’t even open Sam’s videos on YouTube. His channel is full of delicious recipes for sandwiches, BBQ, waffles, Mac and cheese, and so on. Restaurator Sam Zien is a well-known expert on TV and YouTube with 15 Emmys. His YouTube channel was created in 2011 and his goal is to make American people cook.  

People who are looking for passion and inspiration in the kitchen will definitely find a soulmate. Usually, Sam the Cooking Guy uploads videos 3 times a week and is ready to share his crazy comments daily. 

2. Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is a real British start. The YouTube channel was created in 2006. In his home country, he is a chef with yum-yum ideas for every day and a reputable restaurateur. He is also popular in the USA as a fighter for healthy and tasty home food. Jamie pays lots of attention to the health of the nation, in particular meals at schools. 

On his YouTube channel, you can find not only fantastic recipes but also many simple tricks you can use. Despite Jamie being a professional chef, he is able to teach ordinary people to cook and enjoy the process. That’s a culinary channel with the warm and friendly atmosphere you are looking for. 

3. Italia Squisita

Italia Squisita

There are many YouTube food channels dedicated to Italian cuisine. Many of them focus on pizza and pasta. But these 2 dishes don’t fulfil the whole variety of this food. If you truly want to discover all faces of Italian recipes then you should follow Italia Squisita on YouTube. 

This channel was created in 2009 and welcomes the best Italian chefs to share their secrets of the most mouth-watering Italian dishes. Among them are focaccia, risotto, minestrone, polenta, lasagne, gnocchi, tortelli, pesto, ravioli, arancini, gelato, etc. If you don’t speak or understand Italian that’s no problem. All videos are subtitled in English and have English descriptions.

4. French Cooking Academy

French Cooking Academy

French food is something very special. It is known as an Haute cuisine that is unbelievably appetizing. If you have always dreamed of learning how to cook in French style then meet Stephane and his YouTube channel “French Cooking Academy”. It was created in 2014 and aims to educate users and share the French passion for cuisine. 

Stephane has organized playlists on his channel very well. You can find their different categories, for instance, easy and quick recipes for the whole family, 8 ways to use bechamel sauce, French recipes that require no cooking skills, and so on. In addition, there are several videos about France and its culture as well.

5. NYT Cooking

You may expect everything but not the New York Times to have a unique cooking channel. But NYT did it in 2019! You may think that it contains only fun content and isn’t suitable for people who want to cook at home. And you are wrong again!

The NYT YouTube channel includes recipes made by many people. They share classic recipes like cross buns and follow popular challenges on TikTok. Also, this cooking channel is famous for the very successful challenge called #CookMyLife. It proposes chefs cook 3 recipes that have defined their fates. 

Anyway, you are the one to know who is the best food vlogger on YouTube exactly for you. So follow YouTubers whose style and cooking experience match your preferences. Don’t forget about installing a VPN addon. Feel free to enjoy the process of cooking and delicious meals made by your hands!

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