21 Delicious Vegan Side Dishes That You Will Love!

The months for which we wait all year, but that month has come.  Already we have stepped into the winter months.  Sweet winter weather, good morning!  Winter means Christmas, and Christmas means many festivals, lights, dear people, everyone’s holiday season and most importantly, eating well. We have eaten a lot of non-vegetarian dishes, let’s eat vegan food this Christmas.  Believe me, vegan food is so delicious that you can’t fill it until you try these tasty vegan side dishes.  So feed each of the following healthy recipes to your loved ones, then I don’t need to tell you how they tasted, I know you will.  What’s up! Let’s spend this Christmas in a special way. 

Makes all healthy food, vegan food.  These Thanksgiving recipes are a flavor bomb. Hearing the names makes me want to make and test them myself all the time.  I won’t say anything about this dish, Mediterranean Rice and Lentils, I’ll just say that it’s my best dish, starting from this dish, starting with Garlic Mushrooms, Cauliflower Skillet, Salt and balsamic vinegar Fingerling Potatoes, if you try these dishes, you won’t look for meat anymore. Greek  Lemon Potatoes are a wonderful side dish, Parmesan Roasted Potatoes and Vegan Macaroni Salad are a surprise for you besides this wonderful recipe.  Today I have 21 perfect side dishes and bonus recipes for you, yes it’s true. From Vegan Bang Bang Broccoli to Tuscan Artichoke Tomato Salad there are 5 great bonus recipes for you.  So why bother, let your Christmas food be waiting for you!

21. Mediterranean Rice and Lentils

Mediterranean Rice and Lentils

I always find an excuse to eat a lot of vegetables, but I don’t have time to make a lot of dishes. So don’t eat vegetables. Lately everyone in my house is preferring vegan recipes which are completely vegetarian. I was spending the day with a lot of worries because I have already prepared many vegan recipes to feed the family. Now those recipes are very boring for me, and so are they. Then I found these healthy vegan side dishes. What else! I can’t wait to cook, that’s a new recipe! Mediterranean Rice and Lentils made! Now it’s time to just enjoy it.

It loads with a combination of fresh spinach, bell pepper, lentils, brown rice, and black pepper. Trust me this is extra delicious, and a healthy recipe. So many vegetables with brown rice and pieces of kalamata olives will fall in your mouth! Oh my god, it’s extra yummy!  This is one of the healthy recipes that will make your Christmas more beautiful. These 40-minute Thanksgiving recipes will blow your mind.
Get the recipe here.

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20. Vegan Zucchini Fritters

Vegan Zucchini Fritters

Vegan Zucchini Fritters are a quick and delicious vegan side dish. It is very budget-friendly and easy to eat. When you’re short on time and feeling tired, these 18-minute Zucchini Fritters are what you’ll remember. It combines fresh zucchini with chives, Italian herbs, and garlic without which we don’t want our delicious food to be prepared, and coconut curd. This Christmas recipe makes with avocado oil.  Then you understand how healthy it is. These fritters will not harm your body because avocado oil has been used in them. All the ingredients used here are healthy ingredients. These Thanksgiving recipes are all healthy ideas. You and your kids are going to love this crispy food.
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19. Easy Vegan Mexican Street Corn Salad

Easy Vegan Mexican Street Corn Salad

This Vegan Mexican Street Corn Salad recipe is one of my favorite thanksgiving recipes or healthy recipes.  I became very fat after pregnancy.  The doctor ordered a diet and bam. After eating soup and vegetables, my mouth went away.  Then my husband made me this recipe. Believe me, it is as healthy as it is full of taste.  Creamy, chewy and mildly sour, and mildly spicy. You can call it the star of healthy recipes.  One of the gluten free, allergy-free, dairy free vegan side dish recipes. This recipe will make your Christmas much fresher. 

Your Christmas will be much more sensational than before.  These Thanksgiving recipes are made with very few ingredients that you can easily find on hand.  This recipe is enriched with cheap ingredients like Karna, lime zest which I collect from my own garden, soy-free mayo, and some spices.  The most interesting thing about it is that it takes 20 minutes to prepare, but it is not made in a baking or cooking process.  It takes 20 minutes to grill all the ingredients. I can imagine you making this corn-filled dish today and enjoying it with cilantro on top.
Get the recipe here.

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18. Tahini Maple – glazed Carrots

Tahini Maple – glazed Carrots

Are you looking for a vegan carrot vegetable recipe?  Then this oil-free carrot recipe is just for you. These kinds of vegan recipes are my favorite. These kinds of healthy ideas really make your Christmas more sparkling. This recipe can be prepared by combining some fresh carrots and herbs. This is delicious and nutritious food. These types of vegan side dishes can be made with ingredients readily available in your kitchen.

This recipe is ready in a short time.  On those days when you are not in the mood to cut vegetables, you can make this classic dish by just peeling carrots and adding lemon, tahini, and cloves. Add amazing recipes like Tahini Maple – Glazed Carrots to your list of Thanksgiving recipes.  These glazed carrots with maple syrup are ready to serve in just 15 minutes.
Get the recipe here.

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17. Vegan Caramelized Onion Mashed Potatoes 

Vegan Caramelized Onion Mashed Potatoes 

All our college friends used to go trekking in the mountains many times. Then we suddenly discovered many such foods for our own needs. One day on a winter night in the mountains when all our food ran out, we all got worried. In fact, the trekking routes are seclude, there are no shops. At such a time we had a stock of potatoes and red onions. We created a recipe similar to Vegan plant based Caramelized Onion Mashed Potatoes and named it Onion Mashed Potatoes. This recipe is what Indians call “Aloo Ka Bharta” and I was reminded of this while listing vegan side dishes.

Trust me, this recipe is so easy that even your kids can make this dish. This dish is one of the easiest and most accessible healthy recipes. It makes with potatoes, vegan butter, coconut milk, garlic, and yellow onion. Onions caramelize with vegan butter or oil. Salt and some pepper give it double the flavor. This nutritious dish will make your Christmas party even easier for you. These recipes are perfect as Thanksgiving recipes.
Get the recipe here.

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16. Garlic Mushrooms Cauliflower Skillet

Garlic Mushrooms Cauliflower Skillet

The garlic Mushrooms Cauliflower Skillet recipe is one of the vegan side dish recipes. This recipe is very tasty recipe. This is a very easy and quick meal.  While everyone is busy cooking for the Christmas party, you prepare all the dishes and wait for the guests to arrive.  Because your Thanksgiving recipes are such quick and hassle-free meals. This delicious recipe loads with fresh mushrooms, cauliflower, onions, and minced garlic. It is gluten-free fat-free food, which provides your body with nutrients as well as vitamins.

Add fresh thyme and parsley to make this dish more flavorful. You can also add coriander leaves if you want.  It makes with unsalted butter and olive oil.  You can add ghee to it if you want.  This is a healthy fat. The garlic Mushrooms Cauliflower Skillet recipe is ready in 20 minutes. These healthy recipes will surprise you every time. For their taste and simplicity. Serve it hot. And enjoy the joy of Christmas together.
Get the recipe here.

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15. Black Bean Salad with Avocado

Black Bean Salad with Avocado

Black Bean Salad with Avocado – This classic recipe will brighten up your Christmas.  Beans are a food that we all love.  And it is very easy to cook with everyone.  Its taste has always satisfied everyone.  So I did not forget to add this recipe to vegan side dishes. This is one of my favorite salads ever.  And any dish with avocado can never fail. This delicious dish is made with black beans, corn, cherry tomatoes, and avocados. Agave is used to sweeten it, you can also use maple syrup instead.  I also used paprika or cumin to make it spicy. This is actually a dish where you can use many ingredients.  This is a 20-minute side dish that completes your healthy recipes list. This recipe is perfect for any Thanksgiving recipes list.
Get the recipe here.

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14. Roasted Mini Peppers 

Roasted Mini Peppers 

Roasted Mini Peppers – If I hadn’t made this recipe, I would have never believed that such a simple ingredient can be made into such an amazing recipe. These vegan side dishes are really so fancy. The taste will drive you crazy.  You can serve this side dish with anything.  Can serve with rice, pasta, noodles, and other dishes. This recipe can be eaten by everyone. These Thanksgiving recipes are so delicious and easy that I’m falling in love with them.

You will need sweet mini peppers, fresh garlic, salt, and black pepper to make it. I am sure these are easily stocked in your kitchen. Even, I made this recipe with mini peppers from my garden. Also, I have many pepper plants in my garden, some I have planted and some have grown by themselves. Isn’t that fun! I’m so happy to think that this Christmas all the guests will be eating vegetables made in my own garden. At Christmas I am ready with my healthy meals, are you ready?
Get the recipe here.

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13. Cheesy Vegan Biscuits

Cheesy Vegan Biscuits

This year I have all the responsibilities of handling Christmas and Thanksgiving. I am very happy about it, but also a little worried. I like to plan everything in advance. That’s why I’ve listed Thanksgiving recipes in advance. I have also planned what will happen to the vegan side dishes.  I don’t like to work at the last minute, as it causes more problems. And I became more upset. This time I thought I would start Christmas with all the healthy recipes.  Everyone agreed with me.  And because I’m going to eat vegan, gluten-free food, there’s never going to be some biscuit dish!

I’m a bug to eat any kind of biscuit, so I’ve come up with this Cheesy Vegan Biscuits recipe for you.  It’s really delicious and crispy. This great recipe can be made with store-bought vegan biscuit mix or homemade biscuit mix. For a cheesy flavor, use vegan cheddar cheese. Garlic, parsley, and old bay.  Double the flavor by combining it. It takes 15 minutes to make.  These cheesy, salty, and crispy cookies will be a huge hit at Christmas Thanksgiving.
Get the recipe here.

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12. Crispy Roasted Balsamic Brussels Sprouts

Crispy Roasted Balsamic Brussels Sprouts

Crispy Roasted Balsamic Brussels Sprouts – Vegan Side Dish Recipes, these easy recipes are really great. These recipes can be made with just a handful of ingredients in your kitchen. To make this delicious and easy recipe, add some fresh brussels sprouts, pepper and balsamic glaze requires these ingredients, which you can easily stock up on. Such a simple dish is perfect for a Christmas party. 

Thanksgiving recipes are really traditional. This roasted brussels sprouts recipe is made in extra virgin oil, you can also use olive oil (soy sauce – optional) in this dish. This is a healthy recipe in 35 minutes.  Which provides nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to your body.  It is a gluten-free stir fried food.  Each of these healthy recipes will keep you healthy and give you energy.
Get the recipe here.

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11. Vegan Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Vegan Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Those of you who always follow the diet routine and eat, are doing daily exercises to keep your weight in the same balance. Here are some delicious and healthy recipes for them this Christmas.  Fear not, just because it’s delicious doesn’t mean it’s going to ruin your diet. It’s completely gluten-free and definitely vegan.  It is very low in fat and calories. You can consume fresh vegetables from this recipe.  Each of these vegan side dishes will help balance out your meal and transport you to a world of flavors. These delicious dishes are loaded with baby spinach, artichokes, garlic, onions, and cashews, among others. Vegan ingredients are used to make Thanksgiving recipes. Here is this Vegan Spinach and Artichoke Dip made with coconut oil.
Get the recipe here.

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10. Salt and Vinegar Fingerling Potatoes

Salt and Vinegar Fingerling Potatoes

Are you looking for a classic yet easy vegan side dish recipe? Salt and Vinegar Fingerling Potatoes or french fries will clear your mind.  Believe me, this recipe is one of my favorite healthy meals.  I am actually a potato lover.  I can’t do without potatoes in all my meals.  And in this dish only potatoes are potatoes.  Phew! My crispy fluffy potatoes?

This delicious recipe is loaded with fingerling potatoes, black pepper, kosher salt, and olive oil.  Distilled white vinegar is used in this dish.  So you understand how healthy and delicious it is? I have complete faith in the ingredients of these healthy recipes.  And I know that you also could not see and believe these elements.  Eat healthily and stay fresher this Christmas.  Thanksgiving recipes are as healthy as food.  It is ready to bite within 1 hour.  Enjoy this crispy, soft spicy dish.
Get the recipe here.

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9. Garlic Herb Roasted Potatoes Carrots and Zucchini

Garlic Herb Roasted Potatoes Carrots and Zucchini

Garlic Herb Roasted Potatoes Carrots and Zucchini – This HUGE hit vegan dish is really hearty. The mix of vegetables looks so good.  It’s really tempting. They are served with baby potatoes, carrots, zucchini, and minced garlic.  It’s flavored with fresh rosemary and thyme. It’s a 40-minute meal. 

This dish will add sweetness to your Christmas.  This recipe is very tender, and simple which wins hearts easily. This roasted vegetable recipe is a healthy recipe.  Imagine this colorful vegetable roast served on your white Christmas table.  I can just imagine how impressive that would be.
Get the recipe here.

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8. Maple Roasted Root Vegetables

Maple Roasted Root Vegetables

This Maple Roasted Root Vegetables recipe is made with fresh branches, radishes, onions, potatoes (you can add baked sweet potato fries to this recipe), carrots, and parsnips. This wonderful side dish is made with maple syrup enriched with olive oil.  Those who are on a weight loss journey can eat this side dish as a main dish, in this case, your stomach will be full for a long time and you will not feel hungry very soon. 

This 55-minute meal is very easily digested.  This nutritious food provides our body with iron, minerals, and protein along with vitamins. You can also supply energy from this food to your body in your weight loss journey.  This vegetable will keep you fresh. You can eat this dish with rice or bread, or you can eat it alone.  So make it quick by combining it with thyme and enjoy it.
Get the recipe here.

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7. Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Cilantro Vinaigrette

Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Cilantro Vinaigrette

I am a true lover of sweet potatoes. I love any dish with this sweet potato. Everyone in my house loves these great-tasting sweet potatoes, except my son. My son turns away when he sees vegetables. And if you make a recipe with sweet potato, it becomes difficult to bring it to the dining table. But I also insisted that I will feed this sweet potato to my son. That’s why I started preparing this Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Cilantro Vinaigrette recipe from my friend. I serve this sweet potato recipe to him without informing him. Then a surprise. 

He enjoyed the food while shaking his head.  And said, today’s food was a great mom. I didn’t say anything else. Just smile. This 35-minute meal freed my mind. This hearty meal is combined with sweet potato, lime juice, olive oil, and extra virgin oil. And its taste is doubled when coriander leaves are spread over it.  Make it quick and enjoy your Christmas and Thanksgiving side dishes.
Get the recipe here.

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6. Greek Lemon Potatoes

Greek Lemon Potatoes

This Greek Lemon potato is a very easy vegan recipe.  It is a little time-consuming, but the taste is worth it. This wonderful recipe is made with other special ingredients like garlic, lemon, potato, and oregano.  Coriander can be used instead of parsley.  All ingredients are combined with potatoes and cooked for 1 hour and 30 minutes.  Potatoes should be cooked till they become crispy and completely soft.  Many may think that if it is boiled it will take less time but in that case, the crispy ness of the potato is not created.  Poultry seasoning uses in these Greek Lemon Potatoes.  So that its taste is doubled.  Then your Christmas afternoon will not make some Greek Lemon Potatoes!  How does that happen?
Get the recipe here.

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5. Vegan Broccoli Casserole

Vegan Broccoli Casserole

Vegan Broccoli Casserole – Make this luxurious recipe for vegan side dishes.  Make your Christmas truly more beautiful.  Our holidays are really special to us.  So on this special day, you have to eat something different! This healthy recipe will change the taste in your mouth.  If you are feeling bored with monotonous food, give this Vegan Broccoli Casserole recipe a try, I guarantee you will become a fan.  This delicious recipe makes with yellow onion, cauliflower, broccoli, and cashew milk. Fresh thyme takes the flavor to the top.  This 25-minute soft creamy delicious and healthy meal is my favorite.  And yours?
Get the recipe here.

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4. Pesto Potato Salad

Pesto Potato Salad

This Christmas Thanksgiving, my husband put 15 people in charge of me.  I am very happy that he taught me how worthy of such a great responsibility.  And of course, I’m a little concerned that everyone likes vegan side dishes.  Everyone loves Thanksgiving recipes.  How many things does Christmas bring?  This is how many neighbors you will meet, which is not every day in your busy life.  Fun, chatting and getting to know each other, all this means a festival.  I will also make this Vegan Pesto Potato Salad recipe for my Christmas side dish

This is one of my favorite thanksgiving recipes or healthy recipes.  It is completely vegetarian.  This 25-minute Spicy Potato Salad recipe is a fantastic creation.  This simple and delicious dish is going to make you appreciate Christmas.  It loads with vegan mayo and potatoes, fresh thyme, and basil.  It is truly a dish full of delight.  Enjoy it!
Get the recipe here.

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3. Roasted Radishes with Garlic Browned Butter

Roasted Radishes with Garlic Browned Butter

Are you looking to make vegan recipes made with radishes? Which is a HUGE hit at your Christmas Thanksgiving party, that’s right! This Roasted Radishes with Garlic Browned Butter recipe has been waiting for your Christmas party.  This flavorful recipe combines with radishes, clove garlic, butter, and lemon. A sprinkling of fresh thyme makes it taste great. This is a 35-minute recipe, perfect for a Christmas Thanksgiving meal. It is completely vegetarian and gluten-free.
Get the recipe here.

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2. Parmesan Roasted Potatoes

This Parmesan Roasted Potatoes recipe is perfect as a vegan side dish for any party. I love to have a variety of side dishes or Thanksgiving recipes at any party in my house.  Recipes that are very easy to make, and double the results with less effort, are the recipes that I like to have at my parties.  Actually, the guests get a lot of variety as a side dish which is beneficial to them and I don’t have to prepare a lot of food. This traditional recipe loads with russet potatoes, garlic, smoked paprika, and grated parmesan cheese.  Make it even more delicious with parsley and black pepper. You can make this healthy recipe quickly and enjoy family moments.
Get the recipe here.

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1. Vegan Macaroni Salad

Vegan Macaroni Salad

Do you like to eat macaroni pasta salad like me? You must have made pasta recipes with macaroni many times! Make a different macaroni recipe this Christmas. Vegan Macaroni Salad is a gluten-free and so healthy too. This super flavorful dish loads with onions, carrots, bell peppers, peas, and vegan mayo. It combines dijon and maple syrup. The lemon juice flavor permeates the entire dish.

This is one of the best 10-minute healthy recipes to celebrate Christmas or thanksgiving. It takes 20 minutes to prepare. Which you can do the day before any party or festival.  It will save you a lot of time and the cooking will also be done. The combination of creamy steak and vegetable taste really drives me crazy.  You will not be able to resist the urge to eat it again and again after having it once.
Get the recipe here.


Vegan Bang Bang Broccoli

Vegan Bang Bang Broccoli

This Bang Bang Broccoli is coated in a creamy spicy mayo sauce and is crunchy, sweet, and spicy. Making it is very simple, and it tastes amazing! In addition, you may prepare it in an air fryer! In the past two months, I’ve prepared this bang-bang broccoli so many times that I lost count. One of those recipes that are actually rather simple to prepare, bakes in just 15 minutes, and is finished?

Tastes AMAZING. I refer to a flavor that says, “Man, that was definitely worth it.” I was disappointed that they couldn’t organize it or, more specifically, that their vegan version included no sauce after trying it at one of our favourite Asian restaurants. I, therefore, set out to create a vegan variant, and the end result is this delicacy.
Get the recipe here.

Garlic Parmesan Grilled Eggplant

Garlic Parmesan Grilled Eggplant

The finest BBQ recipe and side dish you can ever prepare is garlic parmesan grilled eggplant, which melts in your mouth. Simple, healthful, low-carb, and suitable for keto. Describe the flavor! This recipe can’t possibly go wrong. Simply chop, season, and grill your fave steak, chicken, or fish with your favorite eggplant! In addition to being simple to prepare, grilled vegetables are also wholesome and light for the summer. To prepare food for your family or friends, you will need olive oil, some spices from your cupboard, and a hot grill. Grilling takes no more than 12 minutes after 15 minutes of preparation. So relax and start creating those summertime memories.
Get the recipe here.

Mediterranean Bean Salad

Mediterranean Bean Salad

Chickpeas, white beans, feta cheese, and your favorite Mediterranean veggies are all combined in a nutritious salad called Mediterranean Bean Salad, which is then drizzled with a light lemony sauce. With pita bread and hummus, this is the ideal lunch option or side dish for a supper. With this bean salad from the Mediterranean, we will celebrate today.

There are so many of my favorite Mediterranean ingredients in this stunning dish. Every week, I make a different salad at home. I enjoy eating salads as an appetizer and frequently have them for lunch. This recipe for bean salad is simple, which is something I also adore in food. It is excellent for summer cookouts or food preparation. The ideal side dish for the summer, in my opinion.
Get the recipe here.

Spinach Mushroom Quinoa Skillet

Spinach Mushroom Quinoa Skillet

The best vegetarian weeknight meal recipe is this parmesan spinach mushroom quinoa dish! Quick, wholesome, and simple to make: Parmesan Spinach Mushroom Quinoa Skillet! The best vegetarian weeknight meal recipe is this parmesan spinach mushroom quinoa dish! Sauteed mushrooms, spinach, and savory parmesan go really well with quinoa! Serve the whole family this simple meatless quinoa dish for a lighter yet still tasty and comfortable evening. Enjoy! 

You’ll really need some very basic ingredients for this recipe that are quinoa, olive oil, garlic, mushrooms, onion, fresh spinach, vegetable broth, fresh cracked pepper, Italian seasoning, grated parmesan cheese, and red chili pepper flakes. This is one of the best vegan side dishes or Thanksgiving recipes that you will love too.
Get the recipe here.

Tuscan Artichoke Tomato Salad

Tuscan Artichoke Tomato Salad

The finest salad that is also vegan, gluten-free, and lettuce-free is this Tuscan Artichoke Tomato Salad. This Tuscan salad only takes 20 minutes to prepare thanks to marinated artichoke hearts, juicy tomatoes, chickpeas, red onion, and a straightforward vinaigrette! Artichokes, tomatoes, red onion, basil, chives, capers, and chickpeas are all you’ll need to assemble this salad.

Good summer salads or healthy recipes are my favorite vegan side dishes. While I frequently choose my Chickpea Quinoa Arugula Salad or Mediterranean Orzo Salad, I’ve been hankering for something even lighter and simpler to prepare lately. At that point, I decided to create a salad with my two most recent food fads: canned marinated artichokes and delicious, juicy tomatoes!
Get the recipe here.

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