21 Delicious Sour Cream Recipes That You Will Love!

Let’s vamp up your holidays with some amazing holiday ideas. And by that, I mean, let’s make great recipes for holidays. Holidays are never complete without food. I love eating a good meal with my family on a holiday because it’s the only time we get to eat our meals together. So I make sure we do that on our holidays. I make my husband’s and kids’ favorite side dishes and we eat together merrily. I just love to see them eat and hear them praise my recipes. This season, I planned to make some sour cream recipes for them. I have always been fascinated with sour cream as an versatile ingredient and my daughter loves it too. So here are some of the sour cream recipes that I made for my family this holiday season. Do try them and let me know how you and your family like them.

21. Sour Cream & Onion Frittata

Sour Cream & Onion Frittata - holiday ideas

Onion and sour cream frittata. I turned that tasty potato chip flavor into a nutritious dish! These sour cream and onion frittata are fantastic vegetarian side dishes for holiday ideas. The leftovers reheat effortlessly for lunch the next day. Enjoy! I was apprehensive to serve Joe dinner last night after discovering that he did not enjoy my most recent meal. When he doesn’t love what I make, it never sits well with me. He values his opinion, so I always try to get his approval. I am aware that are things he will just not like.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find healthy meals that I will eat since he won’t. Three cheers for Joe because, to his incredible credit, he at least enjoys the majority of the food I cook and frequently joins me in drinking green smoothies. Anyway, let’s get back to last night’s meal. Since frittatas are quite simple to make and I had a cute little bag of organic fresh potatoes that were itching to be cooked, I decided to make one. I was certain Joe would enjoy it. I’m very sure he misheard me when I said “Sour Cream & Onion Frittata ” when he asked what was for supper. He seems excited. Serve these sour cream recipes up with some fresh bread or greens for a filling, flavorful supper, and take pleasure in it.
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20. Creamy Chicken Stroganoff

Creamy Chicken Stroganoff - holiday ideas

A simple recipe for creamy chicken stroganoff is ideal for holiday recipes. Warm and cozy, this chicken stroganoff recipe is incredibly simple. An excellent alternative to the standard beef stroganoff that is suitable for a weekday meal. In only 30 minutes, it will be at your table. Stuffed with mushrooms, juicy chicken, and a rich, creamy sauce. You are essentially set if you serve it with a fresh salad. Oh, and did I forget to mention that the leftovers taste even better for lunch the following day?

These sour cream recipes are suitable for kids and have husband’s approval. My entire family like this recipe, so I frequently prepare it. Your family appreciates this delectable food in their bellies! Use chicken thighs, please. But chicken breasts also work if that’s what you desire. You may use any kind of mushroom with this. Really, any type of pasta will work with chicken stroganoff. I like egg noodles that are extra wide. Whatever you decide, make sure to cook your pasta until it is al dente.
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19. Sour Cream Double Chocolate Muffins

Sour Cream Double Chocolate Muffins - Sour Cream Recipes

Rich and moist Sour Cream Double Chocolate Muffins with chocolate chips both inside and out are baked using a dark chocolate batter. They are wonderful as a snack or for breakfast! All you chocolate devotees are invited! These incredibly decadent Sour Cream Double Chocolate Muffins will make you insane, in my opinion! Every bite of these muffins contains melting chocolate chips and is incredibly delicious but dense. They are choco muffins with everything you could ask for. You won’t look at another recipe for chocolate muffins after making these! Making these muffins is quite simple and just takes a few minutes. They could be your next simple idea for a breakfast or snack.

Who, after all, could refuse chocolate for breakfast? Vegetable oil, sour cream, and melted chocolate chips are my secret ingredients for moist chocolate muffins. Everyone is aware that the muffin’s top is its best component, right? How many of you have purchased a muffin from a bakery and simply marveled at how tall they rose without actually overflowing? Bakery muffins have tops that are slightly mounded and extend outside the confines of their liners. This is why it is especially disheartening when a batch of muffins comes out with little domes that are just barely peaked. So how can we create towering, spherical muffins at a la bakery at home? Avoid overmixing. Avoid overbaking. Let cool. Enjoy!
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18. Blueberry Muffins with Sour Cream

Blueberry Muffins with Sour Cream - holiday ideas

The best blueberry muffins made in a bakery style are moist and fluffy, loaded with juicy, fresh berries, and topped with a salty-crunchy sugar coating. Additionally, these sour cream blueberry muffins for side dishes are enormous, delicious, and utterly filling. For an easy grab-and-go breakfast, a wonderful complement to a brunch buffet, or a delicious make-ahead afternoon snack, stir together a batch. Our family searches for the greatest blueberry muffin recipe every summer as the local Virginia blueberries ripen. I’m confident in saying that these sour cream blueberry muffins are the current favourite after numerous iterations of trial and error.

They have large, tall, sugar-crusted crowns and are soft, tender, and packed with delicious, juicy berries. What more could you want from a batch of muffins cooked from scratch? These straightforward muffins can be improved by adding a variety of additional ingredients. For lemon blueberry muffins, you might add some lemon zest and/or juice, orange zest for a different citrus tone, or toasty spices like cinnamon and nutmeg for a comforting twist. A decadent touch is a streusel topping. They also have a distinctive, delectable flavour thanks to almond extract. You are welcome to change the recipe to suit your preferences! 

Muffins with blueberries are such a versatile snack. On busy mornings, you can provide them as a quick grab-and-go breakfast option. You can also leave some out for an afternoon snack along with some lemonade or iced tea. Pick more such sour cream recipes from my holiday ideas to make your holidays better.
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17. Grandma’s Sour Cream Sugar Cookies Recipe

Grandma's Sour Cream Sugar Cookies Recipe -side dishes

These soft and fluffy sour cream sugar cookies from my sour cream recipes are the ideal holiday cookie because they can be frozen and have just the right amount of sweetness. They taste great with or without frosting. The challenging, finicky cookies that need hours of rolling, cutting, baking, and decorating are not these sour cream cookies. They are soft sugar cookies made with sour cream, and I really prefer them because of their fluffy, delicate texture. Please take note that these are not cut-out cookies; no matter how much you chill or freeze the dough, the cookies will not have shapes.

They are designed to be frosted because the flavor is moderate and just a little bit sweet. If you feel the need to add more vanilla or lemon zest, go ahead. They are cakey, yes. This is simply how the recipe is written. I made the decision to share the recipe my way because these came out so soft, creamy, and just the right amount of sweet. Although they are simple enough to make for holiday ideas — or no occasion — all they really need to make them extra special for Christmas is some colourful icing and perhaps a few sprinkles. Simply put, sometimes you just need a cookie!
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16. Baked Sour Cream Chicken

Baked Sour Cream Chicken

A creamy sour cream sauce, crunchy bread crumbs, and tender chicken breasts baked to perfection make up Baked Sour Cream Chicken. It’s difficult to top a straightforward chicken supper when it comes to excellent, family-friendly side dishes that you don’t have to spend all day on. With its mouth-watering herbs, breadcrumbs, and sour cream topping, this recipe transforms a basic baked chicken dish into one that is bursting with flavor. This quick and easy chicken dish is perfect for midweek dinners because it only takes 30 minutes to prepare. Featuring juicy chicken inside and a crunchy crumb topping, it’s the ideal comfort food dish. Despite being baked goods in the oven, the chicken still has the same fried chicken-style crispiness thanks to the crumb coating.

The sour cream sauce then adds a little bit of delectable acidity and makes the dish even richer. This 30-minute chicken is the ideal option the next time you need to get supper on the table quickly but still want to deliver a wonderfully cooked meal. You only need a few basic ingredients, cook the chicken in the oven, and wait for your deliciously straightforward main dish. Serve these fantastic sour cream recipes of chicken with traditional sides like mashed potatoes or quick brown rice to make it into a satisfying supper. Since the sour cream chicken is so flavorful, you can pair it with relatively straightforward side dishes and still have a fantastically tasty supper.
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15. Amazing Delicious Sour Cream Scones

Amazing Delicious Sour Cream Scones - Sour Cream Recipes

I hope you’re enjoying my sour cream ideas so far. My other favorite sour cream recipe is this sour cream scone! They have a mild tang and are light and vanilla-infused. In the world of scones, they are also chameleons. They enjoy additions like fruit or chocolate, and by adding ingredients like cheese and chives, they may become a delectable savory treat. Make sour cream scones today! They are soft, airy, and flaky. Scones occasionally receive a poor rap! They shouldn’t, though. They are a gourmet treat if prepared properly. I’m preparing scones with sour cream, a smooth vanilla frosting, and plenty of sanding sugar for an extra sweet crunch. After the scones have cooled, top them with vanilla glaze and sanding sugar. Butter, jam, and lemon curd are good accompaniments.
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14. Easy Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

Easy Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas - side dishes

My favorite enchiladas are these chicken sour cream ones, which are more of a mild chicken and cheese comfort dish. Unlike white chicken enchiladas, which use cream of chicken soup, these side dishes are cooked using red sauce, which has a stronger flavor. They are balanced out by parsley and sour cream and have a pleasant, fresh flavor. My best friend, who also taught me many of her sour cream recipes, is the one who showed me how to prepare these chicken sour cream enchiladas. She showed me how to cook these simple enchiladas many years ago. They are very simple, which is why I added them to my list of holiday ideas! Additionally, the flavor is unique compared to other enchiladas I’ve had.

I’ll show you how to build them as well in this article! It was with this recipe that I first realized measures weren’t strictly necessary. Simply keep adding ingredients until the filling has the appearance and flavor that you like. I developed my cooking confidence with this recipe. For this particular recipe, I really no longer measure the ingredients; instead, I make them to taste. On this page, I have included the rough measurements of what I use. Shredded chicken from three to four large chicken breasts, shredded cheese, onion, flour tortillas, enchilada sauce, and parsley are all you need to make these chicken sour cream enchiladas. These enchiladas are just so delicious. They also work well as lunch leftovers during the workweek. I hope they’re a hit with your family too.
Get the recipe here.

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13. Classic Cheesecake with Sour Cream Topping 

Classic Cheesecake with Sour Cream Topping 

The finest cheesecake I’ve ever made was this Old Fashioned Cheesecake with Sour Cream Topping. This cheesecake home recipe meets all the requirements thanks to its graham cracker shell, smooth cheesecake filling, and sweetened sour cream garnish. My mother’s cheesecake with sour cream topping is highly known. She’s been bringing it to holiday gatherings and family reunions for years, and it never fails to get great reviews. For some reason, I’ve been wanting to post her cheesecake recipe in the article for years, but I’ve always felt nervous. This isn’t just any cheesecake, as you can see. 

Mom makes sour cream cheesecake like this: A baked cheesecake that is absurdly creamy and ethereally smooth, with a tart sour cream topping. This cheesecake doesn’t have the same solid, dense texture as a classic New York-style cheesecake. Instead, it has a smooth, creamy, nearly whipped feel. I attribute the excellent flavor of this cheesecake to the generous use of vanilla and lemon juice. Although the lemon juice doesn’t quite make this a lemon cheesecake, it’s potent enough to cut through the cream cheese’s richness and impart a fresh, zesty flavor. Although this cheesecake is excellent served simply, adding some extra flair is always enjoyable.
Get the recipe here.

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12. Sour Cream & Chive Mashed Potatoes

Sour Cream & Chive Mashed Potatoes - Sour Cream Recipes

These mashed potatoes with sour cream and chives are simple and delectable side dishes for holiday recipes. Yukon gold potatoes, sour cream, genuine butter, and chives come together to make this crowd-pleasing vegetarian side dish, which takes just 20 minutes to prepare. In this dish, velvety mashed potatoes are combined with the traditional baked potato toppings of sour cream and chives. These sour cream recipes taste great and are excellent. The potatoes should only be boiled until they are fork-tender, then mashed till creamy with sour cream, butter, salt, and chives. But you can also pair this recipe with any salad or potato salad too.

We simply mash the potatoes with a potato masher, but a hand mixer would make them even more silky. If desired, sprinkle them with freshly ground black pepper and serve them warm with practically any dinner menu. Everyone will adore this simple and delicious side dish, which is perfect for weeknights, special occasions, and dinner parties. With chicken, pork chops, other meat dishes, and just about any vegetable side, these creamy mashed potatoes go great. These hearty mashed potatoes are simple enough to prepare on a weekday but can make a delectable vegetarian side dish for Christmas or Thanksgiving dinners.
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11. Old-Fashioned Sour Cream Doughnuts

Old-Fashioned Sour Cream Doughnuts - side dishes

Another gem from my holiday ideas and sour cream desserts is these old-fashioned sour cream doughnuts. Traditional Sour Cream Glazed doughnuts have the same cakey flavor as the ones from your favorite bakery. This recipe can be made more quickly and simply without yeast. These doughnuts taste just as good as, if not better, the ones from your favorite bakery because of the small amount of nutmeg that is blended with the sour cream and sweet glaze. The outside is a little bit crunchy, but the interior is cakey and moist.

These doughnuts’ numerous tiny flaws just absorb the glossy, cracked frosting. This recipe does not contain yeast. From start to finish, these doughnuts take a little over an hour. In the recipe, we thoroughly soak the doughnuts in the glaze, and it’s delicious. Sour cream is the best; it goes well with almost anything. I frequently have intense sweet tooth cravings. Can you identify it? Although I don’t always prefer traditional cake doughnuts over yeast doughnuts, this is unquestionably the recipe I use when I do. The fact that these require so much less time than yeast doughnuts is unbeatable.
Get the recipe here.

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10. Sour Cream Pancakes

Sour Cream Pancakes

Never have I encountered a fluffier, more ideal pancake! These homemade sour cream recipes for pancakes are a treat since they are delicious and easy to make. We should discuss these pancakes. They are popular holiday ideas for breakfast around here and are so light and fluffy that they are the ideal pancake. These sour cream pancakes have an incredibly easy and quick batter. These light and fluffy sour cream pancakes are similar to the ones you can find at any respectable breakfast joint in the area. They are incredibly fluffy, soft, and the epitome of breakfast comfort food.

I’ll wager my last bag of chocolate chips that these are the best pancakes ever. A tried-and-true favorite is these light and fluffy sour cream pancakes. We frequently prepare these on the weekends, but they may be prepared quickly on a weekday morning. The pancakes taste great either plain or smeared in butter and maple syrup, jam, or both. They are also our go-to breakfast when visitors arrive. Delicious and traditional—what a winning combo!
Get the recipe here.

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9. Creamy Cucumber Salad With Sour Cream

Creamy Cucumber Salad With Sour Cream

Sour cream, vinegar, and dill are the main ingredients in this creamy cucumber salad. A summer salad with just a few straightforward elements is extremely delightful. It’s the ideal side dish for the summer, and you can prepare it in advance and refrigerate it until you’re ready to serve. One of the small pleasures of summer is this delicious salad. similar to chilled soups, fresh raspberries, and cold melons. The blending of cucumbers with sour cream has a unique flavor. The sour cream is rich and creamy, while the cucumbers are crisp and refreshing.

Additionally, adding vinegar and dill creates a deliciously tasty salad that pairs well with a number of dishes. Only a few basic ingredients are required to prepare this creamy cucumber salad. Here is a list of everything you will require: Cucumber, red onion, dill weed, white wine vinegar, kosher salt, and black pepper are some of the ingredients. This is a side dish that goes with pretty much anything. Serve it alongside any of your favorite main dishes as a simple side dish.
Get the recipe here.

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8. Sour Cream Apple Pie

Sour Cream Apple Pie

With my sour cream apple pie, an unusual ingredient gives a classic tangy, creamy brightness! You’ll never again view apple pies in the same light! For many years, this sour cream apple pie has been a favorite in my family. Literally, decades! I prepare it as side dishes for Sunday dinners, summer barbecues, and all of the holiday ideas. What makes this pie so unique? The richness of the apples is offset by the tanginess of the sour cream, giving the traditional apple pie a new flavor. The creamy filling is delicately sweetened for balance and richly seasoned with all the proper warm, delightful spices. The topping is the next. This brown sugar streusel is wonderful, nutty, and cinnamon-flavored. The entire combination is very fantastic! This dish was given to me by an old acquaintance. I had it for the first time in the summer. It was true love at first bite. 

I’ve been making it for literally decades and it has become one of my hallmark desserts. This is more adored by my family than I can possibly express. It is recommended to serve this pie cold. This makes it fantastic for warm-weather occasions and simply suitable for holiday preparations. I’m telling you, it’s a winner all year long! This goes well with hot coffee, tea, or a tall glass of milk. If you want an adult beverage apple overload, try my homemade apple martini or apple pie moonshine; both are mouth-wateringly delicious. Such sour cream recipes will quickly put you in the mood for apples in the fall.
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7. Easy Mashed Potatoes with Sour Cream

Easy Mashed Potatoes with Sour Cream - Sour Cream Recipes

These mashed potatoes with sour cream are so delicious and easy to make with a few simple ingredients. You can use any potatoes for this recipe. This recipe is so light, buttery, and creamy, and has amazing flavors you get in every bite. The best part of this recipe is there is no hand mixer required to make it. This will be ready in just 20 minutes or less and the perfect best-ever mashed potatoes for thanksgiving days or for celebrating Christmas as the main meal or side dishes. Enjoy!
Get the recipe here.

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6. Sour Cream Coffee Cake Recipe

Desperately looking for holiday ideas? Let’s try a sour cream coffee cake from my sour cream recipes.  Not only is this sour cream coffee cake ridiculously simple to make, but it also tastes fantastic! a moist crumb cake with a topping of cinnamon and nuts. It won’t be possible for you to stop at one piece. Nothing screams breakfast like a coffee cake cooked from scratch! This dish calls on cupboard staples, making it ideal for a quick brunch or dessert.

Where this cake really shines is on the topping. It is placed on top and inside the cake, giving it the ideal amount of crunch on top and the greatest cinnamon sweetness throughout. I feel that the cake could pass for breakfast, lunch, or even dessert because it is delicate and moist without being excessively sugary. Foods meant to be served with coffee or other brunch fare are referred to as “coffee cake.” Think about the tiny cakes you might serve guests at a tea party or when you are enjoying coffee with your buddies. The cake itself normally does not contain coffee, but it is typically sweet with a light streusel or icing.
Get the recipe here.

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5. Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Cookies - holiday ideas

I would characterize these sour cream chocolate chip cookies as soft, chewy, sweet, and chocolatey. These cookies are made extremely soft with sour cream. These addictive cookies can be made in about 30 minutes thanks to the recipe’s simplicity. I usually enjoy creating novel and distinctive cookie recipes, but I also think it’s beneficial to reintroduce time-tested favorites. If you enjoy cookies and have never made cookies with sour cream recipes, you must try these! Baking is made deliciously moist and delectable using sour cream.

I used the traditional sour cream cookie recipe from my great-grandma. My preferred source for traditional dishes like banana bread is my great-grandmother’s collection of recipes. Sometimes I follow her recipes exactly or I make a few adjustments. They are delectable, traditional, and tried-and-true recipes! I increased the vanilla, brown sugar, and semi-sweet chocolate chips in my great-grandmother’s recipe for sour cream cookies. Almost as simple to make as cookies from a box of the mix are these homemade cookies. Easy means you don’t have to create frosting or roll out the dough. Simply scoop, bake, and consume. Quick means that the dough doesn’t need to be chilled. It can be baked directly from the mixing bowl to the baking tray.
Get the recipe here.

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4. Easy Sour Cream Pound Cake

Easy Sour Cream Pound Cake

A wonderful Sour Cream Pound Cake created using staple pantry goods that are rich, moist, and buttery. Perfect for breakfast with a cup of coffee, as side dishes, or as a delectable dessert with fresh berries and whipped cream. The best sour cream pound cake I’ve ever had is without a doubt this one. It has a lovely vanilla and sour cream flavor and is soft, moist, and buttery. Although I prefer it simply dusted with powdered sugar, it tastes just as good with a tasty glaze on top. So why, then, would you add sour cream to a cake batter?

With the addition of sour cream, you get a cake that is not only deliciously tangy but also extremely moist, rich, and tender. It is simply impossible to resist. This cake tastes great as a dessert with a dab of whipped cream and fresh fruit like berries or peaches in the summer or for breakfast with a cup of tea or coffee. You can also use powdered sugar to make a glaze for the cake by combining it with water or citrus juice (lemon, orange, lime, grapefruit, etc.) until the mixture is slightly thick but pourable. And sometimes all you need is a light dusting of powdered sugar!
Get the recipe here.

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3. Banana Bread with Sour Cream

Banana Bread with Sour Cream - Sour Cream Recipes

This sour cream-infused moist banana bread recipe just melts in your mouth. There’s no doubt that this banana bread stands out from the rest of the sour cream recipes. Does the world require yet another recipe for banana bread? When it’s this good, I answer “yes”! It’s time to stop looking for the moistest banana bread recipe if you’ve been looking for it. This sour cream-topped banana bread is soft, sweet, and bursting with banana flavor and is better than store bought. The greatest way to use ripe bananas that are sitting on your counter is to make this. 

This recipe is adaptable; if you’d like, you may add walnuts, pecans, or chocolate chips. We adore how well this bread freezes; I always have a loaf in the freezer. It is one of those side dishes, breakfasts, or snacks that you can just grab and go. The recipe for banana bread I’ve tested so far is by far the moistest and butteriest. And I’ve cooked a LOT of banana bread over the years, so trust me on that. Even though I’ve used sour cream in baking a lot, I don’t believe I’ve ever tried a banana bread recipe that called for this much sour cream. The outcomes were astounding! I already had this recipe on my short list of all-time favorite banana bread recipes, so I knew I couldn’t keep it to myself.
Get the recipe here.

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2. Pork Chops in Sour Cream Gravy

Pork Chops in Sour Cream Gravy - Sour Cream Recipes

Pork chops in sour cream gravy! You’ll adore how something so simple can be so wonderful. One of those incredibly simple onion dip side dishes that is an “oh my gosh” kind of dinner is pork chops in sour cream gravy. Kids, the secret is in the sour cream gravy. Simply start with your favorite regular pork chops and then give them a boost by spiking the gravy to savor these delectable sour cream meals.

To add plenty of flavors and make this a special dinner, you combine beef broth, sour cream, onions, and Worcestershire sauce. Your preferred large saute pan is all you actually need to get started, and then you’re ready to dive right in! Making pork chops in sour cream gravy doesn’t require much work in the kitchen, which is a good thing because you’ll want to make it again soon! In addition to the main course, I offered mashed potatoes with sour cream for side dishes. The leftovers were so delicious to my kid that he had them for breakfast!
Get the recipe here.

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1. Spaghetti & Spinach with Sun-Dried Tomato Cream Sauce

Spaghetti & Spinach with Sun-Dried Tomato Cream Sauce - side dishes

It only takes 30 minutes to prepare spaghetti and spinach with sun-dried tomato cream sauce. The straightforward spaghetti dish from Italy is perfect for weeknight meals or holiday ideas! A soothing, creamy sauce made with garlic and Parmesan cheese is liberally drizzled over the spaghetti. This delectable spaghetti was inspired by the pasta I made a while back with sun-dried tomatoes. The handmade spaghetti sauce in this recipe is the greatest you’ll ever eat! It’s vibrant and flavorful! Garlic, paprika, cream, and shredded Parmesan cheese are the main ingredients in the creamy Alfredo sauce for linguine. This spaghetti dish is a fantastic meatless meal option. You can simply add cooked shrimp or grilled chicken to the recipe if you are in need of some protein. You can provide bread, a green salad, or a fresh salad as side dishes. Don’t forget to check out my sour cream recipes.
Get the recipe here.

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