21 Delicious High Protein Chicken Recipes That You Will Love!

Hey guys, here I am again with some awesome high protein chicken recipes. I know in December we all have fun at parties, festivals, and gatherings and don’t take care of our health. So this new year I made a new resolution to start the day with healthy recipes. I’m sure you can, I can. So without further delay, check out protein meals. Below are the 21 best high-protein recipes, hope you like them. Here’s 15-Minute High-Protein Spicy Chicken &  From Chickpeas Recipe to (High Protein) Crispy Rice Paper Rolls, there are recipes that you have to scroll through. Scroll friends! And enjoy your day!

21. 15-Minute High-Protein Spicy Chicken & Chickpeas Recipe 

15-Minute High-Protein Spicy Chicken & Chickpeas Recipe 

Are you a chicken and chickpea lover like me?  If you love both of these! Then let’s do one thing. Let’s face chicken and chickpeas together! I am sure they will be on fire together. Chicken and chickpeas are both very tasty and packed with protein. And protein is very important for our body.  This protein boosts power. Except for these two ingredients, the rest of the ingredients are super duper hits.

Loaded with chopped scallions, red pepper, black pepper, and lemon juice. It’s a delicious meal in just 12 minutes. It keeps your body much healthier. These high protein chicken recipes make the body fast like a rocket. Removes our weakness. I just ate this recipe, it fills my stomach in one bowl. My husband prefers it with rice. And me too.  Give my son and daughter school tiffin with rice and some vegetables. They also like it very much.
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20. Gluten Free Honey Sesame Chicken

Gluten Free Honey Sesame Chicken

The best recipe in my diet is this Gluten Free Honey Sesame Chicken recipe. When I was overweight, I had to go on a very strict diet. But believe me, I can never lose weight by eating only salad or fruit all day. I love to eat. So I consulted with a good dietician. He told me that without eating, you never lose weight. Rather, it increases and the body becomes worse. Diet means eating healthy and eating less. I follow his tips.  

The most important part of my diet is chicken and vegetables. I have been eating this Honey Sesame Chicken with very little rice for many days. I really like this recipe. It is gluten free. These are all healthy recipes. You are guilt free.  You can eat this food with satisfaction.
Get the recipe here.

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19. Chicken Burrito Bowls Meal Prep

Chicken Burrito Bowls Meal Prep

My son has problems with eating every day. He is always upset about his tiffin. He doesn’t like to eat anything. Meanwhile his body is already quite weak. I wanted to give him some protein meals. Suddenly I remembered Chicken Burrito Bowls.  It fell. As soon as I thought, I started working. I loaded it with grape tomatoes, black beans, corn, shredded chicken, basmati rice, and various spices and filled it in his lunch box. Before closing the lid, I put caesar dressing on it.

This time from his school.  Waiting for it to arrive. It took me 30 minutes to make and only 15 minutes to cook in 30 minutes. Mind you if you do the prep the night before, it’s only a 15-minute meal.  He likes it very much. If you make this kind of food, he will finish his meal every day.
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18. Chipotle Grilled Chicken Zoodle Bowls with Avocado Salsa

Chipotle Grilled Chicken Zoodle Bowls with Avocado Salsa

This Chipotle Grilled Chicken Zoodle Bowls with Avocado Salsa recipe is so delicious that once you try it, you’ll want to eat it again and again. I’ve made it many times at home. It’s only a 15-minute meal. This great recipe features boneless chicken breast, chipotle vinaigrette,  It’s loaded with chunky avocado salsa etc. This is one of the best healthy recipes ever. It’s a family favorite. It’s soft, smoky, and juicy. Once you make it, you’ll make it again and again. You’ll crave it.  Can’t handle it anymore. So don’t waste time!  Make it quick!
Get the recipe here.

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17. Grilled Chicken Avocado Wrap

Grilled Chicken Avocado Wrap

Grilled Chicken Avocado Wrap – This recipe is a recipe that you can have for your breakfast or lunch. It’s also the best for dinner. You can pack it in aluminum foil and take it out in a lunch box. For me, it’s perfect for picnics or large gatherings. And it keeps your belly full for a long time. This great-tasting dish combines our all-time favorite chicken with avocado, baby spinach, cheddar cheese, etc. You can make rotisserie wraps with this stuff. 

And can be prepared. It is such a convenient dish that if you prepare more you can serve or enjoy it at once. I carry a lot of it as an office tiffin. So every once in a while. Eat. That’s why this dish is my favorite dish. These high protein chicken recipes are very easy and time-consuming. I’m sure you will turn these healthy dishes into family meals in no time. Let’s start!
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16. Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

I swear this buffalo chicken quesadilla recipe is the best food for any festival. It’s heart-filling. Who doesn’t love a dish full of clarity? Its clean look makes me fall in love again and again. The new year is coming, with the new year in mind.  New resolution. My new year resolution this time is to lose weight. I will overcome the excess food, routine life, and partying for December’s many festivals and make a resolution to live a healthy body, peaceful mind, and routine life in January.

New year new resolution. It’s important to keep your body healthy. That’s why it’s so important to live a healthy lifestyle and follow healthy recipes. These Low Carb Tortillas are loaded with cooked chicken, delicious buffalo sauce, and creamy low-fat shredded mozzarella. Here you can.  Goat cheese can also be used. I made a lot of it, it’s delicious. You can have this classic dish as a main course, anytime. It’s a great pairing for lunch and a hit for dinner. Let’s make buffalo chicken quesadilla!
Get the recipe here.

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15. Spicy Pineapple Chicken Meal Prep

Spicy Pineapple Chicken Meal Prep

You have eaten Broccoli, and Chickpea with chicken a lot! Have you tried the chicken recipe with pineapple? If you haven’t, then this Spicy Pineapple Chicken Meal Prep recipe is for you. It is a dish with many flavors. Tangy, mildly sweet, and spicy again. Get lost when your mouth is full of sweet and sour pineapple. This is a high-protein dish that is rich in vitamins, calcium, etc.

This delicious dish is finished in just 40 minutes. It is gone within minutes of serving. It is so deliciously prepared. Pineapple and Chicken Thighs with Garlic, Greens  Onions, chilli sauce, pineapple juice etc. are combined. This delicious dish can be served over rice or rotisserie. It’s perfect with everything. Make it, and Enjoy!
Get the recipe here.

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14. Chicken Chickpea Spinach Soup 

Chicken Chickpea Spinach Soup 

Chicken Chickpea Spinach Soup – This recipe is packed with high protein. This soup will help you lose weight while taking care of your tongue. This is a very tasty soup. It is enough to handle any large gathering. Creamy, tangy thick to the orange soup.  My favorite. I love to take this soup for dinner. Just serve it as a main course. Because it is filling enough. The ingredients are very healthy.

The ingredients in these healthy recipes are really incredible. It tastes so good.  The meal is combined with chickpeas, chicken breast, fresh spinach, fennel etc. It is a fibre-rich food, which increases your body’s digestion and energy. I am sure, its taste and quality will tempt you to make it.
Get the recipe here.

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13. Baked Italian Chicken and Vegetables

Baked Italian Chicken and Vegetables

This Baked Italian Chicken and Vegetables recipe is a one-pot baked recipe. It is one of the best high protein chicken recipes. It can easily handle a large crowd at home or at a party. It is combined with chicken breast, basil, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes.

Here you can add some vegetables of your choice. Along with bacon, artichoke and lots of mozzarella cheese. It takes 30 minutes to bake. Every bite of this dish is full of flavours of vegetables, spices, and cheese. You will be satisfied with every bite. And you will want to eat it again and again.
Get the recipe here.

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12. Easy Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad

Easy Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad

I love these types of protein meals. Because you can change them up in different ways. You can update it again and again, so you will never get bored. This delicious recipe includes shredded chicken, grapes, chopped celery, Greek  Yoghourt, almonds etc combined. You can use cilantro instead of parsley in this salad recipe. It is a protein-rich salad recipe. It keeps your body balanced. You can serve it in different ways, with different dishes. It tastes really good.  Hearty. It only takes 15 minutes to make. So deliciously juicy, creamy, and perfect for any holiday. You can eat this in comfort, it cools your body and soul.
Get the recipe here.

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11. Honey Sesame Chicken and Broccoli

Honey Sesame Chicken and Broccoli

I don’t really like broccoli, but when there’s chicken in it, oh please oh please! I love to eat chicken, and if it is accompanied by fried garlic and green onions, then I really can’t control my cravings. Sesame oil is used in this recipe. This oil is very healthy. It doesn’t do any harm to our body!  Rather, it has many benefits. Starting from the liver, stomach and most importantly it keeps the skin healthy.

The quality of these healthy recipes always amazes me. To double the taste in this dish, our favourite soy sauce is spread. This Honey Sesame  Chicken and Broccoli recipe remove the mild bitterness of broccoli once and for all. Broccoli has a certain smell, which I don’t particularly like. But believe me, this is one recipe that turns the broccoli smell into a good one. So  From now on you will not be afraid to eat broccoli like me.
Get the recipe here.

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10. Instant Pot Chicken Taco Soup

Instant Pot Chicken Taco Soup

This Thanksgiving I invited many of my friends. Actually, I like to talk a lot, so my friends are easy to make. Everyone around my house knows me and lives well. It used to be like that in school, and college.  Many people like to be with people. I don’t like to be alone at all. That’s why many friends are invited to any festival at my house. They are family members.

My husband has prepared food for so many people. That’s why the easiest food is.  And what could be easier than chicken? I made many more with high protein chicken recipes. Everyone loved it. My dear friend even took some home. All of those protein meals. The recipe for Instant Pot Chicken Taco Soup was much appreciated. I had to make it again. So you can understand how delicious it was made!
Get the recipe here.

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9. Instant Pot Orange Chicken

This Instant Pot Orange Chicken recipe is made with chicken breast, garlic, ginger, apple cider vinegar, coconut aminos, etc. It’s a straightforward and great-tasting dish. I make it for many big holidays. The ingredients in this recipe are really magical, especially after adding orange juice and zest, the taste of this dish changes completely.

This delicious dish takes only 20 minutes. Any meal is ready in an instant pot very quickly.  Fear not. These protein meals will save you a lot of time and enjoyment. This is a hit recipe for any party. These types of healthy recipes are so simple and amazing. Once you make this and feed it to your family, I’m sure you’re going to get a lot of compliments and love for it.
Get the recipe here.

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8. Sweet Mustard Sheet Pan Chicken

Sweet Mustard Sheet Pan Chicken

These protein meals are classic recipes that easily fit into any party or celebration. The real star of this dish is mustard. The chicken is definitely the show-stopper, but the mustard is no less! These mustard seeds are ground with vinegar, salt, and water.  Yes. And of course note that it is made with brown mustard, never yellow mustard. It will taste different. This Mustard Sheet Pan is an amazing dish. Very clean and smooth. This recipe has honey in the chicken.  Not done. The chicken is garnished with Medjool dates and mustard sauce. It’s delicious as well as delicious to make. It’s exciting.
Get the recipe here.

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7. Easy White Chicken Chili Recipe

Easy White Chicken Chili Recipe

We went to a restaurant for dinner with our office friends. We almost give each other time, we go around together. This restaurant is near the office. I asked about the best dish in this restaurant, then they told me about the Easy White Chicken Chili dish. I ordered it. I tried it for the first time that day. Indeed, both the restaurant and the food are traditional. This delicious dish is dark, thick, creamy, and thick. It’s an easy winner.

It’s chicken breast, green chilies, and jalapenos, loaded with clean beans etc. Loaded with Greek yogurt and cream it’s really delectable. It takes 6 hours to make but it’s a dish full of incredible flavor. It’s my favorite recipe among healthy recipes.  Do it and have fun.
Get the recipe here.

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6. Healthy Greek Chicken Pasta Salad

Healthy Greek Chicken Pasta Salad

This Healthy Greek Chicken Pasta Salad recipe is really delicious. Are you feeling bored eating the same low carb food? Then this delicious dish is for you. If you have made a resolution this New Year. That you will lose weight! Then you undoubtedly have this Healthy Greek Chicken Pasta Salad recipe your friend. It is loaded with chicken breast, chickpea pasta, orange bell pepper, grape tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese, etc.

Extra virgin oil is used here. Serve with lemon juice and oregano.  It takes 30 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to cook. You can make it the day before. But I’m not talking about making pasta. Marinate the chicken well with all the spices and keep it in the fridge. And keep all the salads or vegetables cut. The next day, combine all the ingredients together and cook for 20 minutes. Then you will get a break from your busy life. Actually, this is a very simple recipe. Which is made by lazy people.
Get the recipe here.

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5. High Protein Freezer Breakfast Burritos

High Protein Freezer Breakfast Burritos

These delicious burritos are perfect for breakfast. I can say from my experience, these burritos will keep you full for a long time. It’s a super duper hit as a morning breakfast. Loaded with healthy ingredients like ground chicken, onions, eggs and black pepper. 

These protein meals are made with healthy ingredients. It will take you less than 1 hour to make. You can make 13 to 14 burritos in 1 hour. Best of all, they make 3 burritos at a time.  You can store it in the fridge for up to months. Although it lasts 3 hours instead of 3 months at my house. lol! I’m sure your house is going to be like that too.
Get the recipe here.

4. Spinach Avocado Chicken Burgers

Spinach Avocado Chicken Burgers

There are many types of burgers we eat in stores. There are different types of burgers available at restaurants or cafes. But the burger I’m talking about today is not available anywhere in stores, or even if it is, you can’t eat it guilt-free. I think guilt-free. Eating food is not right. So you can easily make gluten-free burgers, I presented this Spinach Avocado Chicken Burger to you. Believe me, I have never eaten such a delicious burger before.

If I am asked to exercise for 1 hour more, instead of this burger, I agree to this offer. I believe if you try it, you will agree with me. It is a healthy burger and rich in protein, fiber, etc. It includes lettuce leaves, ground chicken, avocado, and Nutritious ingredients besides spinach and coconut flour. It’s soft and delicious. Best of all, it’s low carb with coconut flour and avocado oil. It’s a paleo recipe. These high protein chicken recipes are revolutionary for our bodies.
Get the recipe here.

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3. Buffalo Chicken And Broccoli Bowls

Buffalo Chicken And Broccoli Bowls

This BUFFALO CHICKEN AND BROCCOLI BOWLS recipe is an ideal recipe for lunch. This dish keeps you energetic, as you will feel full for a long time after eating it. I take it as my office lunch. I love to pack it in tiffin.  

This recipe combination with Sad Rice is my favorite. It is made with healthy ingredients like Chicken Thai, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Hot Sauce, Olive Oil etc. This dish is a very healthy recipe. It is a gluten-free food, which helps our body to lose weight.This recipe takes 30 minutes or less to make. BUFFALO CHICKEN AND BROCCOLI BOWLS are wonderful on a warm winter afternoon. Get started!
Get the recipe here.

2. Chicken Pesto and Asparagus Skillet Recipe

Chicken Pesto and Asparagus Skillet Recipe

I couldn’t eat any food during pregnancy. I love chicken but I couldn’t eat chicken. One day my husband asked me to try the Chicken Pesto and Asparagus Skillet Recipe. I was really surprised, I didn’t have any trouble eating it.  My husband is such a beautiful cook, I got to know him that day for the first time. He he! This is a gluten free and healthy recipe. These protein meals are all gluten-free and healthy recipes. Its taste will make you feel so fresh.

The spicy asparagus is enough to change the taste buds. My vomiting stopped after eating this dish. I ate this high-protein recipe throughout my pregnancy. It’s really traditional. It includes chicken and is Loaded with cherry tomatoes, basil pesto, and a variety of peppers. It’s quite spicy, so it can change the flavor of the recipe. Try this delicious treat for yourself. Don’t delay!
Get the recipe here.

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1. Sheet Pan Sesame Chicken and Veggies

Sheet Pan Sesame Chicken and Veggies

This Sheet Pan Sesame Chicken and Veggies recipe is a simple and quick recipe. It is loaded with chicken breast, broccoli, red bell peppers, sweet chilli sauce, etc. I hope everyone will love this easy dinner. Honey, garlic and Make it even more delicious with fresh ginger. These protein meals are perfect for any weeknight meal. It takes 20 minutes to cook. It is really a very easy and healthy dish. I know you’re thinking about it now. Don’t waste any more time! Get started!
Get the recipe here.


30-Minute Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps

30-Minute Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps

30-Minute Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps -This high-protein dish is a classic recipe that can brighten up any party. It’ll make you swoon. These clean, healthy recipes are a super duper hit at any festival. Are you Looking for a low-carb recipe? Then your search should stop here. This is where you’ll find the low carb high protein meal. It’s a luxurious meal made with ground chicken, diced vegetables and Thai-inspired spices. It’s perfect for the weekend, Thanksgiving party, or New Year’s. A perfect recipe. It will impress your guests. Make it at your party, make it at your home. I swear you will be successful.
Get the recipe here.

(High Protein) Crispy Rice Paper Rolls

(High Protein) Crispy Rice Paper Rolls

(High Protein) The Crispy Rice Paper Rolls recipe is a traditional recipe. It is a high protein recipe full of flavor. These high protein chicken recipes are as healthy as they are full of flavor. This dinner recipe is crispy and soft, juicy inside. Turkey, carrots, red onion, mushrooms, and tamari sauce, made with healthy ingredients except for parsley. You can use tofu instead of turkey. It can be made and stored in an airtight container for 1 week. Store the sauce separately.  Maybe. I know you like it a lot. So run to the kitchen!
Get the recipe here.

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